Tower projects in Jinan's CBD reach new construction milestones

    en.lixia.gov.cn   | 07, 2023
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    An aerial view of Jinan's CBD. [Photo/IC]

    The above-ground construction phase of two towers in Jinan's Central Business District (CBD) in Lixia district recently commenced, marking another milestone in their construction process.

    Located in the northern area of the city's CBD, the first of these towers is part of the International Financial City North Zone A2, which has an estimated floor area of 80,000 square meters. Above-ground construction of the tower started on May 17.

    It took the construction team just 42 days to complete building the tower's three underground levels.

    Above-ground construction of the other tower, the International Financial City North Zone A4 tower, started on May 30. Situated at the northern end of Jinan's CBD, the A4 plot project consists of a single central tower and four podium buildings spread across a proposed floor area of approximately 100,000 sq m.