Lixia unveils cultural, creative fair

   en.lixia.gov.cn   |    18, 2023

Lixia district in Jinan city launched the "Encounter Daming Lake • Transcendent Marketplace" event at Daming Lake's Chaoran Pavilion Square on June 30. Celebrating a fusion of culture, gastronomy, and innovation across three sections, this unique bazaar will offer a cornucopia of experiences until July 31.

Numerous people visit the marketplace at Daming Lake's Chaoran Pavilion Square. [Photo/Lixia News]

The marketplace interweaves themed stalls, urban presentations, and trendy photo spots to promote a selected range of city souvenirs and creative products. It boasts a rich combination of traditional brand shops, interactive cultural heritage experiences, family-friendly zones, and niche food outlets. Additionally, the fair also hosts a variety of activities ranging from public advocacy to brand collaborations and interactive games.

More than 50 intriguing pursuits await visitors at the event. They range from calligraphy, zither performances, and workshops for embroidery, pottery, tea-making, and dough sculpting. Live artistic performances will also be held to captivate the audience, showcasing the city's vibrant creative spirit.

Embodying inclusivity, the fair also reserves special spaces for people with disabilities to exhibit their talents, which fosters both warmth and love. The marketplace also stages a plethora of interactive games, including poetry games and ancient jug-pitching.

In addition, visitors are encouraged to take pictures at a sought-after photo spot near the Chaoran Pavilion. This will enable them to capture and treasure the memories of this culturally immersive extravaganza.

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