Venezuelan delegation visits Lixia district

   en.lixia.gov.cn   |    13, 2023

A delegation of seven members from the Venezuelan national media visited Lixia district in Jinan on Sept 6.

The delegation visited Qushuiting Street and Baihuazhou Historic and Cultural Block in the morning to explore the Jinan ancient city.

The delegation also interviewed the owners of handicraft stores on Qushuiting Street and some hanfu enthusiasts.

They then visited the company service center of the Jinan Central Business District (CBD), where the members were briefed on the construction and development of the Jinan CBD and got to admire the magnificent scenery.

The delegation members showed strong interest in the design and planning of the Jinan CBD, as well as its industrial development.

Venezuelan delegation members interview an owner of a handicraft store on Qushuiting Street in Lixia district, Jinan. [Photo provided to en.lixia.gov.cn]

Venezuelan delegation visits the Jinan CBD in Lixia district, Jinan. [Photo provided to en.lixia.gov.cn]

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