Lixia district's intl community holds Mid-Autumn Festival activity

    en.lixia.gov.cn   | 27, 2023
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    To promote traditional Chinese culture, the West Wenhua Road community of Lixia district, Jinan, organized a celebratory activity for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept 26, strengthening the emotional bonds between Chinese and foreign residents and contributing to the development of an international community.

    Foreign residents of the West Wenhua Road community have been invited to experience the Mid-autumn festival. [Photo provided by West Wenhua Road Community]

    The event began with a chorus in which everyone sang the world-famous song "Friendship Lasts Forever", using music to symbolize the beautiful wish of "One World, One Family".

    Calligraphy enthusiasts and experts from the community warmly explained and practiced traditional Chinese calligraphy, writing poems and wishes conveying festive blessings to Chinese and foreign residents.

    Expats were excited to learn how to make mooncakes, a traditional food for the Mid-Autumn Festival, carefully making dough, wrapping fillings, and molding mooncakes by themselves.

    Both Chinese and foreign residents participated in making traditional lanterns as well.

    The event has built a platform for cultural exchange, increasing the participation of locals and expats in community activities. It has fostered a sense of shared governance and shared benefits, accelerating the pace of building an international community on West Wenhua Road in all respects.

    Residents make traditional lanterns during the event. [Photo provided by West Wenhua Road Community]