Expats enjoy traditional culture at Mid-Autumn Festival in Lixia

    en.lixia.gov.cn   | 07, 2023
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    Shunjing International Community in Lixia district's Daming Lake subdistrict organized a Mid-Autumn Festival event on Sept 27, inviting expats to experience its traditional cultural atmosphere.

    During the event, participants received their favorite blessing cards at the registration desk, wrote their wishes on them, and hung them on the blessing wall.

    Making and eating mooncakes is a key part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Under the guidance of professional bakers, the attendees enthusiastically kneaded the dough, filled the pastries, and made mooncakes in their desired shapes.

    Lanterns are also an essential component of this traditional festival. Following a demonstration by experts, the expats built the framework, pasted together the various pieces, and hung the lantern strings step by step. Within a short time, unique and splendid lanterns were created.

    Both Chinese and foreign participants spoke highly of the event, saying they gained a deeper understanding of the historical origins and traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    This event conjured up a rich traditional cultural atmosphere and allowed both Chinese visitors and expats to truly experience the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, including celebrating the harvest, family reunions, and sending blessings by making special foods and creating lanterns.

    Shunjing International Community in Lixia district's Daming Lake subdistrict organizes a Mid-Autumn Festival event on Sept 27. [Photo provided to en.lixia.gov.cn]

    Chinese and expats pose for a group photo with their handmade lanterns. [Photo provided to en.lixia.gov.cn]