Lixia district showcases agriculture, ICH items at Yellow River Fair

   en.lixia.gov.cn   |    25, 2023

A winter-themed Yellow River Fair took place in Jinan's Lixia district on Dec 24, with a wide range of agricultural products and intangible cultural heritage (ICH) items showcased.

The event was organized as a combination of an offline fair, online sales, and promotional activities, creating an impressive fair highlighting the characteristics of the Yellow River, the festive season, and the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture.

The event was bustling with five major sections dedicated to ICH craftsmanship, agricultural products, live streaming sales, artistic performances, and interactive photo spots.

Visitors were treated to a variety of traditional and delicious food, including ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin, a traditional Chinese health improvement product) and bazirou (a kind of fatty pork fillet). They also witnessed ICH skills like porcelain making, bookbinding, weaving, and glassblowing. The fair also featured distinctive agricultural products like honey, walnuts, sesame oil, apples, and honeysuckle.

In the performance area, Peking Opera, tai chi, flute playing, and other performances took turns to entertain the crowd, garnering cheers and applause.

A livestreaming room was set up on-site as well, providing online virtual tours and real-time promotions.

Lixia district has integrated regional, food and traditional culture with ICH items and folk customs to make full use of the Yellow River Fair to improve the quality of its fairs.

Livestreamers introduce agricultural products at the Yellow River Fair in Lixia district, Jinan. [Photo/Jinan Times]

Visitors are attracted to various agricultural products and ICH items at the Yellow River Fair held in Lixia district, Jinan. [Photo/Jinan Times]

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