Illuminated Chaoran Pavilion goes viral

   en.lixia.gov.cn   |    09, 2023

[Video provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

A large number of visitors take photos of the lighting moment of Chaoran Pavilion in Jinan. The light echoes with the sunset's afterglow around the pavilion. [Photo/WeChat account: txqcnews]

The lighting moment of Chaoran Pavilion, a landmark of Daming Lake Park, recently went viral on the internet, attracting a large number of visitors to see it on-the-spot and take photos of the moment of beauty.

Chaoran Pavilion has a long history of over 700 years. It was initially built by Jinan native Li Jiong, an official in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

The pavilion went through decay and revival over the years and was restored in 2008.

As a landmark of Jinan, Chaoran Pavilion was listed among famous buildings in China in October 2021.

The 51.7-meter-tall pavilion sits on a wide Chinese jade base and its seven stories are covered with a copper tile roof, giving it a magnificent appearance.

A bird's-eye view of illuminated Chaoran Pavilion lighting up the city. [Photo/WeChat account: txqcnews]

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