Lixia district holds promotion meeting of key projects

   en.lixia.gov.cn   |    02, 2023

On Jan 30, a mobilization meeting, also a promotional meeting for key projects was held in Lixia district of Jinan. At the meeting, the district introduced key work and innovative tasks throughout the year. It also signed target responsibility letters with subdistrict offices.

At the second session of the 19th Lixia District People's Congress, the district set work targets to increase the regional gross domestic product by 6 percent, boost general public budget revenue by 17 percent, and grow fixed asset investment by 7 percent.

According to Lixia district, this year is clearly defined as the "Year of Work Innovation", which gives a general outline for the rest of the year.

Focusing on the main position of the Central Business District (CBD), the district plans to accelerate the construction of 67 high-end business buildings with a total area of 3 million square meters, and ensure that 12 buildings totaling 800,000 square meters will be completed.

The district also plans to set up service agencies for tax collection and management, administrative approval and market supervision to improve the quality and efficiency of CBD services and management.

In addition to ensuring a high standard of planning for key areas, Lixia is also expected to speed up eight expropriation projects, and complete the demolition and relocation of the western part of the CBD as soon as possible.

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